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Products I love Right Now

It’s Valentine’s Day, which makes it a great time to do a tiny round up of some beauty and lifestyle products I’m in love with right now.

Taupe is dope:

It can be hard to choose the perfect eyebrow product color when your hair is extremely dark. Joah is a fab new brand inspired by K Beauty that only gives the impression of being pricey – you can find them at your fave drugstore. I’m particularly enamored with their Brow Down to Me brow pencil and gel which has a slightly thicker pencil end that’s angled for really easy application. There’s also a tinted gel end with a spoolie brush to seal in your perfect arch.

Glow, my!

I’m guessing your social media stream has been crowded with oohs and aahs about the latest toy from Casper, the company better known for mattresses. Their latest launch is the Glow light, a small, somewhat-smart entry into the smarter home lighting category. So, what makes a bedroom light so exciting?

The brand refers to the Glow as “a bedtime light that helps you wind down naturally.” And that part is true. You can set the light to gently darken for about 45-90 minutes until you’re lulled to slumber. Light too bright? Twist in one direction to dim it slightly. Ready for your ZZZZ’s? Flip it over and it turns off immediately. Since it’s wireless and recharges on a base, you can take it with you as you sneak through the house in search of midnight snacks. I absolutely love the Glow.

One thing though that seems counter-intuitive. The glow only connects via its own app and not through Alexa or Google Home or any of the other smart home apps, so you have to pick up your phone if you want to set it up when you’re not near it. That means wi-fi and Bluetooth and staring at your screen when it’s the last thing you want to be doing.

Overall though, I am madly in love with the Glow and highly recommend. And besides, it’s a fantastic way to help you get more beauty sleep!

Update 2/24/19: Oy. One of my Glows died about a week after I got it. It isn’t the charger, it’s the actual light. I still love the one that works, but I’m not sure I can recommend this right now. Stay tuned as I try to talk to customer service and see what happens.

In the pink:

While I neglected to do a cutesy heart-intensive manicure in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am sporting a neon pink streak in my hair courtesy of Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Spray. It gives a real neon pop to even my dark tresses, something that rarely happens with spray-in color. One thing I’d advise before spraying though, use a sheet of copy paper underneath the pieces of hair you want to spray to avoid ending up with a neon scalp.