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Meet Rachel’s Faves: Things I Love

You’d be forgiven for missing the fact that I’ve been slowly and quietly relaunching my two blogs The Evolved Foodie and Beauty Counter Culture under a new umbrella (you’re here now). In honor of Valentine’s Day though, I thought I’d let you know what prompted this decision.

While I have extremely discerning tastes, I love many things and tend to get enthusiastic about them. For the purposes of this blog, among other things, I’ll be sharing  my love of beauty products and the underlying beauty culture that makes us covet one color or texture or finish over the next. I also love cooking and baking* and discovering new kitchen gadgets or spices or creating original variations of favorite recipes or completely invented recipes that I’ll share with you. I’m also a pop culture junkie, and I  frequently comment or write about modern culture and trends in things from celebrity culture to current events. My day job is marketing and branding, so you might find thoughts on those topics as well. And because I have many loves I’ll be sharing thoughts on many of them here.

Along those lines, earlier this week, the internet was abuzz with news that  HGTV‘s HouseHunters featured a throuple, which Urban Dictionary defines as a “threesome couple.” On the show, the three people in a committed polyamorous relationship were looking to set up home together. They had love beyond the obvious and wanted a way to share all of it together.

We all have different loves. And if we loved only one thing exclusively, life would be pretty boring. For all those reasons and more I’ve set up Rachel’s faves as a place to gather some of my favorite things and share them with the rest of you.

See what I did there? I’ve mentioned beauty and recipes and a trending story and other buzzy things you might be reading about. That’s pretty much what this site will be about.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Rachel

*I’m in the process of adding in all the recipes that originally ran on The Evolved Foodie.