Olay Slays with a Super Bowl Ad Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Whether or not you’ll be watching the New England Patriots battling the Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl LIII victory on Sunday, chances are good you’ll be keeping an eye out for the commercials.

Yesterday, OLAY launched their first-ever Super Bowl ad with a buzzy ad titled “Killer Skin” (or #killerskin for you hashtag hungry folks).

It’s fun, it’s pretend scary and stars everyone’s favorite Slayer and Scream franchise alum Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In the ad, Gellar and a friend are hiding from a super scary masked villain who’s broken into their home. She repeatedly tries to unlock her phone screen using facial recognition to call for help, but her phone screen doesn’t recognize her. Oh, horrors! “It won’t recognize my face,” she says to her character’s boyfriend. “I’ve been using Olay! It has totally transformed my skin. 28 days ago, I Iooked like that,” she says pointing to a less than flattering pic. “That’s bananas!” says the boyfriend. The masked killer enters the room and agrees. “Your skin is glowing. You could be a movie star.”

It’s cute. It’s kitschy. It’s perfect for the nearly half of the NFL fans who just happen to be women.

In a similar vein, dating app Bumble partnered with Serena Williams for their “The Ball Is In Her Court” campaign. The messaging is about not waiting for good things to happen, but making them happen. It’s a nice message of empowerment, but to me at least feels like a forced match…as it were.