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Confession: I Have a Color Mullet

Ah, mullets. The much-maligned hairstyle popularized in the 80s and 90s by people like Billy Ray Cyrus celebrated the dubious business in the front party in the back ethos as embodied by a single unfortunate ‘do (that was such a don’t).

In honor of National Hair Day, I have a confession to make: I have a mullet too. Only mine is of the colorful variety.

So, what’s a color mullet?

Over the years I’ve dyed my hair every color found in nature and beyond. I also realized that as much fun as it is, mermaid hair doesn’t suit my professional brand, especially now.

In the age of daily Zoom meetings, I don’t want the first or only thing that people notice about me to be my hair. In fact, I don’t really want them to notice it at all, other than it’s well-groomed and shiny. Well, most days.

That said, while so much of life isn’t fun right now, I really wanted fun hair. Especially when salons were closed and I was figuring out how not to chop off my locks in frustration.

While I’ve been mostly at home over the past few months, I’ve been experimenting more than usual with my hair. It’s been purple and mauve and fuchsia and now it’s a combination of sunset inspired ombre swirl that fills me with endless delight. Or at least some of it is since I’ve only colored the bottom few layers in the back that are only visible when I’m wearing my hair up.

Mullet as metaphor:

Since I tend to overthink pretty much everything, I realize that my mullet color is a metaphor for my private life as well. In a society where we tend to overshare pretty much everything, some things remain ours alone. And while as a professional writer I often dip into my life for story inspiration, you’re only seeing part of the picture, the part I choose to share with you.

P.S. That’s not my hair in the picture!