Mo monocles:

A few years back I mocked eyeglasses brand Warby Parker for introducing their version of the monocle, those single lens eyeglasses most often worn by real-life or TV villains including Colonel Mustard in Clue and The Penguin of Batman fame. The launch and product seemed more pretentious than useful, if not a slightly silly way to attract a handful of slightly visually-challenged hipsters to their brand.

On the other hand, I found myself delighted when I heard about another brand that jumped on the single-lens non-trend.  Moderne Monocle just launched a line of beautiful pendants that double as monocles and I love them and the idea of them.

Like the one-handled lorgnettes popular in the 19th century, these really pretty monocles are both beautiful and functional. They also provide a trendy alternative to reading glasses for someone not quite ready to admit that she needs a little help reading the menu.

Photo credit: Moderne Monocle