P.R. & Pitching Tips

Have a great story idea, new client, or an interesting product? Cool! I’d love to hear about it. But if you randomly add me to your distribution lists, spam me with irrelevant press releases or pitch topics that are so off my usual beat as to be laughable, I’ll probably delete your pitch or add you to my spam folder.

When asked to sum up my beats, I usually say Business and Style and the Business of Style. That’s entirely true, but here are some more details.

In the lifestyle realm, I’d sum up my overall ethos in a word (or three)- practical everyday luxury, but if you want some more in-depth ideas, topics I cover most often include (in no particular order, of course):

Culture/Lifestyle. Which includes but isn’t limited to:

Beauty/Fashion/Accessories/Trends: Anything from the newest lip gloss to the shampoo that makes your hair shine on (like a diamond) to the comfiest shoes, sunglasses, earrings, or trendy handbags. Basic beauty, luxury products, skincare, treatments, and more all pique my (and my readers’) interest. You can catch up on some of my stories for here. For some reason, not all appear, but such is life. In 2020, I started writing a new column for Parade called Deluxe or Dupe! where I compare pricey favorites to more affordable versions and then usually make a recommendation. I’m happy to hear about over-the-top expensive items and also cheaper alternatives.

Travel/Destinations: Obviously 2020 wasn’t the year of the great big adventure. But I’d love to hear about experiences that make staying home feel like a wonderful escape at times. When we go back on the road (and in the air) I try to concentrate on national travel but am always open to hearing and learning about new and interesting destinations. I’m most interested in luxury travel, spa, places with an interesting history (revolutionary or Jewish history are two particular favorites), spectacular views/rooms or service, or even a ghost or two.

New York/Brooklyn events, staycations, history, cool attractions: As a Brooklyn native, I’m more interested in authenticity rather than the touristy. I love hearing about what’s new and exciting and also spending a night or two in a different neighborhood.

Food & Wine: My particular areas of interest are meal prep services, unusual condiments or add-ons, vegetarian, vegan, cooking classes, updated versions of things we already love, trendy ingredients, baking, or healthier snacks. Chocolate tops my list, but please tell me what makes your brand or client unusual. For wine, the quirkier the better. Give me a great backstory and I’m all over it. I also do a lot of boozy baking with bourbon making a frequent appearance in my baked goods.

Celebrity/Hollywood/Movies/TV/Books: Anything from interviews with celebrities who are more than just another pretty face, costume designers, set designers, to those who support interesting causes or have a story or lifestyle that veer off the typical patch. I sometimes recap shows, more frequently, I tie in celebrity and TV/movie trends with my stories. I’m a pop culture sponge- gimme what you’ve got*.

Marketing/Teamlancing: I’ve been writing several series for Clearvoice about freelancing as a team. I’m always interested in those juggling different elements of their work-life in creative or interesting ways.

Gift guides and round-ups: I write loads of gift guides for everything from Valentine’s Day and Passover to Christmas and Chanukah. I also love writing about those silly national holidays that celebrate things like lipstick or milkshakes.

Deluxe or Dupe: I contribute to a series for Parade where I compare a pricey item with an affordable alternative. The stories that have been the most popular so far were for kitchen or beauty items, but I am open to hearing about anything from a camera or smartphone to jewelry.

Tech: From new laptops to the latest smartphones or speakers, I’m always interested in what’s new and exciting. I can’t always get into a deep dive review, though I’ll be trying for more of that on my blog. Also worth noting, if your product is extremely exclusive it might not work.

Decor/Home: I love writing home makeover stories and people seem to really enjoy/share them. Anything from kitchen gadgets to retrofitting your home, to temporary wallpaper to area rugs, or using color or brightening up space with flowers. I’m especially interested in smaller spaces/apartment living.

Health and Wellness: I’m always happy to hear about new at-home fitness routines for the average person, workout gear, nutritionist tips, etc. and especially yoga and getting back into it after a break. I am especially interested in books, products, or destinations that remind people to connect with themselves. Yoga, meditation, work initiatives are all of interest. Retreats are also of interest.

DIY and Craft: Oh, bring it. I’m a crafter through and through and I love writing about crafts, new products, DIY projects or tools, and more.

Home office, organizing, productivity: Sigh. My readers and I are continually trying to master all of this.

Women and culture: Strong women in business, women-founded/owned companies, companies that try to hire more women or pay them more fairly.

Made in the U.S.A.: I love learning about locally made or sourced products.

Quirky, indie, unusual: love it. Can’t get enough.

Wonder Woman: Oh, just pitch me already, please.

What I am NOT interested in: Plastic surgery or invasive techniques. The disease of the week. Anything Kardashian, Seriously, I have an inbox filter that will delete your pitch, Real Housewife, or Jersey Shore. Stories about 12- year-olds or famous offspring who have supposedly founded businesses that are actually funded by their parents. Political rants. Extremely regional pitches – I can’t cover it unless it picks up on a larger theme, though as a native New Yorker, openings and news in my town are always of interest. New restaurants in Williamsburg. Bloggers or influencers or bloggers who are influencers or influencers who blog about influencers. No, thank you.

This list will be updated depending on my work load and requests from readers.

Also worth noting: It is rare that I know when a story runs, so writing to ask about it repeatedly doesn’t magically reveal a run date. I really (really) don’t know.

*Unless it’s Kardashian related. Then it goes to ye olde spam folder.

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