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Let’s all Hang Out at Chris Martin’s House!

It’s no fun being stuck at home, but a lot of celebrities are sharing their talents to make the self isolation process a bit less torturous.

The adorable and talented Chris Martin of Coldplay started it off with his #TogetherAtHome impromptu concert with just a man at his piano and guitar (and probably Dakota Johnson off-camera).

His voice cracked at times, he was shy and self-effacing and incredibly sincere. And unlike the well-intentioned but in this instance tone deaf Gal Gadot* who had something a let them eat cake moment last week. Gadot created what was surely a well-intentioned celebrity sing along that fell flat.

Meanwhile, Martin isn’t asking you to feel anything other than the joy of connecting in any way possible. You can catch John Legend

Pink, Bono, Charlie Puth

and some others as well.

And a fantastic Billy Eilish violin/ukulele cover on Quarantunes. It’s a little bit Klezmer and a little bit pop and a whole lot of fun.

*Who I normally love and admire.