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Pure Peace

Baths vs. Showers

Baths of course, whenever possible! For too many reasons to list. Showers too, but there has to be a great shower head (or two!).

Whatever happened to Rainbath?

I take my showers seriously and for years I’ve always had a favored shower gel – Rainbath by Neutrogena.

I’m not a fan of heavy perfumes or scents, but there was always something magically relaxing yet simultaneously invigorating about the scent of Rainbath. I could wash off even the most stressful day with a single soak or scrubbing.

Then again, I’d flirt with pretty much any gel, soap or cleanser that came on the market, but I’d always go back to my tried and true favorite and kept a bottle in the shower for reassurance- like a sudsy talisman. Lately though, I can’t seem to find Rainbath anywhere, and I was feeling a bit panicky and worried that it was going to be discontinued. What can I say? I’m brand loyal. Or at least I was.

Bring on the Method!

Do you have brands you love because not only are their products so so good, but their storytelling is as well? (I know that’s probably my day job popping in here). I do, and one of them is Method, purveyor of more natural and perfectly simple household products.

Yesterday some beautifully scented and simply packaged Method cleaning products were sent my way. Nestled in the mix were a few body products as well. Hold the phone, they have body products too, who knew? A quick glance told me that Method Body Pure Peace body wash probably wasn’t for me. It had the scent of peony and rose water– and I’m not a fan of anything rose– but wait, there was pink sea salt too. And that name. That name was too good to resist.

Let’s fast forward to the good part. Oh my God, does this stuff smell amazing. It’s floral without being cloying, fresh without smelling medicinal and makes tons and tons of not too bubbly bubbles. I’m sure the name influenced me as well, but Pure Peace is my new fave bath bubbly.

Photo credit: Method