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Revlon Nail Polish, Is That You?

I ❤️ nail polish

Nail polish, how I love you. But I won’t count the ways; at least not all of them! I love nail polish because it’s a semi permanent way to change your look or outlook without any long-term commitment. I love nail polish because unlike even the most perfect shade of lip gloss or ridiculously expensive highlights, you don’t have to look in a mirror or crane your neck to admire your fine self.

I think I always did!

When I was a teen, I’d obsessively plan my outfits each night before school and then take out my giant box of polish and choose colors to match. Then I’d create designs that went with the patterns of my knee socks or sweatshirts or barrettes (Don’t judge. it was all girls’ school!) Come the next day the entire process started over again. Back in the day, my friends and I used the least expensive or most readily available nail polish like Wet and Wild or Revlon. This was pre-internet and pre-Hard Candy when we wore quirky colors that still somehow were always acceptable. Over the years I went through all the nail polish trends along with the rest of you from Chanel Vamp in 1994, to the current gel, holo and powder mani obsessions. More recently, I became loyal to indie brands like ILNP and Live, Love, Polish because their colors and formulations are so creative and because I really love supporting small businesses.

A tiny bit of nail polish history:

Back in 1932, Charles and Joseph Revson partnered with chemist Charles Lachman and started marketing early versions of nail polish. The trio introduced their most popular color of all time an iconic red named Cherries In The Snow. The nail polish and matching lipstick put Revlon on the map and kept the brand there for decades. Then there was an influx all all these new and tiny beauty brands and beauty behemoths like Revlon continued to fight for relevance. In recent years in an effort to further modernize the brand, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot became a Revlon brand ambassador. Fast forward to yesterday when I was in a drug store and came upon a bottle of nail polish in a familiar looking bottle. Behold! It was Revlon Nail Enamel but without the large gold branding that used to grace bottles. Instead, there was a cigar band type gold band and mostly blank space for the gorgeous polish to take center stage.

Back to the polish:

Revlon Hypnotic isn’t brand new, but it is new to me. The metallic orchid goes on easily with a nice amount of coverage in just a single coat. And it is absolutely stunning. I can’t stop staring at my nails. I also love the fact that I am practically giddy about my new nail polish discovery from a brand that’s been around for over 8 decades.

*** Updated after two-days wear: It chipped on a few fingers. But I still love this color!