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Stay Golden, Sugar

I don’t use much sugar in my baking these days, instead almost exclusively preferring maple syrup, but I was intrigued to hear that Domino Sugar recently launched a brand-new sugar product. Domino Golden Sugar is a less-processed sugar is made from pure cane sugar, and works cup-for-cup just like white sugar. The difference is mostly in the soft gold color and a tiny hint of a molasses flavor. The result is an extremely mild tasting and lighter colored  version of brown sugar.

Here’s something worth noting, and maybe skip this next part if you tend to get squeamish.

Still with me?

You may never look at a cupcake the same way again.

Have you ever wondered how white sugar gets its pure white color? Well, white sugar is generally processed through something called bone char which is pretty much what it sounds like, extremely charred animal bones that are burned to such an extent that they become a form of sterile charcoal with no remaining organic matter. So sterile is the charcoal used that even though it originates with animal matter, the end product is even considered kosher, though not necessarily vegan. If you’re interested you can read an article from back in 2007 published by the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Meanwhile, I used this delightful golden sugar in a streusel topping on muffins and the taste felt warmer than with plain white sugar. Nah. It probably tasted the exact same, but I’d like to think there was the tiniest bit of something different. Golden sugar was fun to experiment with, I’ll keep you posted if I notice any extreme differences in the end result in the future.