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Cute Clogs for Working from Home

Though we’re all going to be stuck home for the foreseeable future, it’s tough for some to figure out their work from home wardrobe on a daily basis.

Even though I already work from home much of the time, living through a global pandemic makes it even harder to decide what to wear. Today for example I couldn’t decide between my black leggings or my other black leggings or the comfy newer black leggings.

But on to the foot gear.

It’s okay to still want cute things even as we worry about the state of the world. Besides, wearing shoes while you work gets you in the right mindset so that you’re not lounging around in house slippers all day.

Clogs are great for right now since they’re the ultimate transition shoe and offer comfort and support- something we can all use more of right now. They’re also great for pacing around your apartment, or going for your daily walk. (While the news changes daily, most experts still suggest going out once a day for exercise, just follow all recommended safety guidelines).

Right now I’m loving this Crawford style, which is a super comfy clog/sandal hybrid by Sanita.

Sanita is the original Danish clog, made in Europe since 1907 (they were the original manufacturers for Dansko*). Even if you’ve never been a clog person, there’s no time like the present to explore the crazy comfort and support they provide.

Some other cute (depending on your definition of cute) options include:

Klogs Mary-Jane inspired clogs

Sanita Caroline open mule- there a lots of cute animal print clogs this season


Check out these adorable graffiti clogs from Bjork

If you’re practicing your karaoke from Mamma Mia while self-isolating, these MIA ABBA inspired clog sandals are for you.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time we all took a quick dance break.

*Dansko is a former longtime client of mine.