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A Journal for Right Now

Even when living through scary times it’s important to allow yourself daily breaks to simply take stock of a feeling instead gathering the fears of the entire world.

A new journal for a new era

Helping you take stock of your feelings right here and now, is a new journal from Emily McDowell & Friends’ collaboration with Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert*. The message on the cover is simple:

You are safe.
You are safe.
You are safe.


It’s a good reminder that for the moment, you are in fact safe. It’s also reminiscent of the British expression Safe as houses, which originated during the Victorian era. To be safe as houses means you’re perfectly safe and secure, a feeling we collectively yearn for now.

Staying safe feels like a full-time job right now. So wash your hands. Follow the rules of staying home and social distancing and protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible. And if you feel that you need to get your thoughts out, this is a perfect time to start journaling.

Even people who don’t normally keep journals are finding reasons to jot down a daily thought or two as to what it feels like to live through a moment in history. Keeping a journal is a good way to create a demarcation between us time and me time. It’s also a nice tactile distraction from furiously scrolling through social media.

The collection also features some inspiring greeting cards, so if you’re exhausted by all the Zoom happy hours, you can go old school and send a note to someone you love but haven’t seen lately.


*I will be eternally grateful to Liz Gilbert for being the first bold-faced name to graciously rave about my book Ancient Prayer.