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Nail Stickers: Perfect for Manicures in the Age of the Coronavirus

Now there’s a sentence you don’t read every day, but for better or worse, social distancing means that until further notice, most of us will be doing our own nails for a while.

Here’s an easy way to look polished (see what I did there?) on your next Zoom call without making much of an effort.

Nail stickers are having a moment. Unlike press on nails which still give me pause, nail decals are often made out of actual nail polish (please don’t ask me how it’s done) and have an incredible amount of shine. And unlike the first gen nail stickers, these also come with cute patterns and variations, so you can mimic the nail art you already love.

How to use nail stickers: File your nails to the shape you like. Make sure to wash your hands afterward so you don’t end up with any rampant dust particles floating around under your manicure. Then you figure out the correct size based on the size of your nail bed and, well, stick it on your nail. You might have to readjust. The final step is filing (in one direction please!) which naturally trims your new manicure to the correct length. And, voila! You have your perfect 10 despite socially isolating during COVID-19

My two faves right now are:

Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips: Did you know that the ubiquitous nail salon also made an at-home version? There’s a beautiful amount of pigment on these so they are closer to gel than your average nail sticker. They also come in super cute designs. Cocoon Swirl seems perfect for those of us who are in social isolation right now.

Colorstreet has some really cute styles, but it feels a bit like nail strips sold by the Avon lady. You’ll find that when you browse the site you’re assigned a “stylist” and will probably end up placing your sale through her.

There are also tons of options on Etsy if you enjoy supporting independent artists (and who doesn’t?). While I usually don’t write about products I don’t like, my heart broke a little after I created a floral nail-palooza using Olive & June Nail Art Stickers that I bought at Target and they slid right off.

Some things to be aware of: Nail stickers don’t last. In fact, you might find the edges pulling away after an hour of wear, though they’re usually fine for a day or two. The fun part is the fact that they give you the illusion of a perfect manicure even if you haven’t visited the nail salon in ages.

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