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Sleep Better With a New Mattress (Even During a Pandemic)

It can be hard enough getting a good night’s sleep at the best of times, when stay up worrying about about random things like stress at work, fights with our partners or paying the mortgage.

Insomniacs are finding that getting a good night’s sleep while dealing with what we now know as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 AKA COVID-19 is no easy task.

Bloom where you’re planted:

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new mattress, now would be a great time to research one- even if you can’t order one just yet. With so many of us spending almost all of our time indoors, it’s important to create boundaries between our work (from home) days and our relax and unwind time. For that reason it’s also a good idea to take a lesson from insomniacs and try not to work in bed, since it’ll be harder to get into sleep mode

I recently tested out the new Bloom Essential Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding. I was particularly curious about it, since unlike most mattresses that come in boxes and are composed of mostly foam, this one is eco-friendly and made with an option that includes a layer of latex and coils.

Talalay me down:

The Bloom is made of 3 layers, which becomes more obvious once you let it poof up on your bed frame and notice there’s more substance to the mattress. The first layer is made of 3” layer of Talalay Echo foam—a material processed by repurposing unused fabrication cuts to deliver all the benefits of latex with less wastefulness. Talalay isn’t just a lot of fun to say, it’s also said to be incredibly buoyant which produces a different kind of support for aching muscles. But back to the Bloom mattress. The second layer is made of 8” of pocketed coils (up to 952 individually encased coils depending on the mattress size!), while the base layer is another type of foam and it’s all topped by organic cotton and quilted with sustainably sourced Joma wool, a wool produced in New Zealand which also has a superior level of fluffiness.

What impressed me most is that the mattress lived up to its claim to have almost a buoyant quality that relaxes muscles and relieves tension. If you’re a fan of the hard as a board mattress, this one isn’t for you. And it definitely takes getting used to, but it does shit slightly to adjust to the parts of your body that need the most support.

Did I mention the fact that it’s also hypoallergenic and affordable? The Bloom Essential Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding retails online at from $599 (Twin) – $1,199 (Cal King), and is delivered to your doorstep in a box.

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday to me… We all have to wash our hands all the time… God save the Queen….

Meanwhile, if you want to download something that’s cute and adds a bit of lightness to the whole pandemic process, the CDC has a Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands poster inspired by the motivational posters created but never actually distributed during WWII in England. This design and a few others are free to download and add an extra reminder to what we already know we have to keep doing washing our hands.

And here’s a fun video Stay Home Vogue (Vogue Corona Parody by Chris Man) that puts all of our panic and isolation into perspective. Stay home, read a book, eat your feelings and flatten the curve.

Photo credit: Bloom hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding