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Something Green for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a weirdly quiet St. Patrick’s Day because of all the self-quarantine action going on. And while it’s sad not to see the Chicago River dyed green or to randomly bump into huge groups people celebrating publicly, it’s also a relief not to have to dodge green vomit on the streets of NYC. In case you’re wondering, yes. That’s actually happened to me.

That said, here’s a way to add some green to your day that will brighten your space for the long haul and clean the air around you: A new green plant. It’s not a huge investment, it adds a bit of color to your day and it also provides some focus while you’re working from home.

As a self-avowed crazy plant lady, I have plants scattered throughout my home. Some are purely decorative, some have emotional value (yes, that’s a thing) and some are there to help clean the air.

Two of my fave resources for plants are Bloomscape, who have an entire dedicated officeplants page along with someone called the Plant Mom (best job title ever!) who shared some of her hard to kill plants:

  • The Tough Stuff Collection, are resilient plants that come in small 4-inch pots, perfect for your desktop, window sill or bookshelf. The Tough Stuff collection features a hand-selected trio of the Sansevieria, ZZ Plant and Green Hoya, which are “easy and very forgiving and are perfect for the less-than-ideal conditions. These three plants specifically can adapt to nearly all light conditions and require very little water and thrive well on their own.”

  • If you’re looking for a hands-off plant, the most universally resilient of plants is the ZZ plant which is perfect for even forgetful plant owners. Some tips from Plant Mom “It can survive a couple of months without water plus it grows well in any light except for direct sun! If the light is too intense for your ZZ, you’ll see some scalding (light brown spotting).The leaves will also begin to curl as if it is trying to get away from the light. Water the ZZ plant only when the soil is dry every about every 3-4 weeks depending on your indoor climate (winter 4-6 weeks), and if you see the leaves fall off, don’t give up hope, just water the plant immediately and they should come back.”

  • The Ponytail Palm requires very little care “as it’s drought-tolerant and slow-growing!” It only needs watering every couple of weeks (it’s bulb-like trunk stores water), sparingly in the winter months, and can be left alone to soak up the sunlight. “This plant thrives in dry conditions, so the drier the air, the better for your plant!”

Another fun resource is The Sill which has a lovely variety of plants. I received one as a gift  and despite having a green thumb, the green cutie died within weeks, so keep that in mind.

I’ve also had great results with plants ordered on Amazon including these:
Burpee’s Peperomia a cute ZZ plant and this absolutely fabulous Sansevieria which is the happiest plant in my house by far.

For more ideas on gifts to give the crazy plant lady in your own life, here’s an article I wrote for last year.