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TLC for Your Cuticles…Because Endless Hand Washing

Global pandemics like COVID-19 (coronavirus, to you and me) sure can wreak havoc on your cuticles. Between the constant applications of (out of stock everyplace) Purell and endless scrubbing with antibacterial soaps, your cuticles can end up ragged and your mitts can end up feeling like sandpaper.

Since you’re also avoiding the manicurist these days, you might want to pay a bit more attention to your cuticles despite keeping a safe distance from everyone else.

Currently on our radar:

Sally Hansen-Nail Rehab-Oil Cuticle Balm: I found this beauty while shopping at CVS last week. It was a surreal scene as people wearing heavy-duty masks jostled for space next to other folks wearing heavy duty gloves. Then there were the people casually chatting as they compared lip gloss. But back to the cuticle oil that’s not quite an oil.

In any event, the presentation of this cuticle balm is a little bit brilliant. Unlike traditional oils which spill all over the place and also tend to soil your clothing or leave oily marks on the furniture and phone, the Sally Hansen cuticle balm oil offers all the benefits of a cuticle oil without any of the mess. It also comes in this bright pink color which means that even if you add it to the stack of stuff on your nightstand or near the TV remote, you’re unlikely to misplace it. It’s a thicker shaped application, so you can cover your entire nail bed in a single go, which is great if you’re not wearing polish or if nails are splitting or peeling after a long winter with canned heat. While I didn’t notice an immediate drastic result, there was a slight difference and after a few days my cuticles look smoother and don’t feel as dried out.

In conclusion, Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is the balm!