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Wear Your Heart On Your Ears and Why Cute Things Still Matter

It can be hard to mentally adjust to the fact that for the foreseeable future if and when we leave our homes, we’ll be wearing masks. That’s a given. It can be depressing, anxiety provoking or simply annoying. It can also wreak havoc on your skin. Despite all that, we adapt. We wear masks that are cute, or find ways to make sure our eyebrows are impeccable.
As someone who usually wears statement earrings, wearing a mask also means that I can no longer wear the long, dangly, or over the top earrings I tend to favor. That doesn’t mean that I no longer choose to adorn my ears, I just do it more carefully now.

In case you’ve been wondering about the same thing, my best advice is to wear small earrings that only cover your lobe. Avoid anything with prongs or details that might catch on the elastic, and opt for smooth over texture.

I love these smooth and simple Sugarfix by BaubleBar gold heart earrings since they remind me there are ways to feel cute, even as I slip on a face mask and face the suddenly scarier world.