Food for Thought (and Your Skin)

For some reason I’m convinced that products that feature edible ingredients are considerably better for my skin. Then again, I’m prone to slathering yogurt or honey or all manner of pantry staples on my face at any given time, so maybe I’m partial to things that seem good enough to eat.

I’m working on a roundup of products that nourish your skin, and I can’t stop admiring the cuteness of Tony Moly I’m Sheet Mask + Hand Cream Cracker Box sets. They’re cute, they’re effective, and they include two sheet masks and two small hand creams.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Tony Moly is one of the original K Beauty brands to hit the market running. Their products are usually affordable, of excellent quality and the packaging is often quirky, strange or downright adorable as is the case with these sheet mask/hand cream combos. In this case, it’s a nice gift to buy for yourself with the option of sharing with a friend.

I’m also crushing on Shea Moisture Coconut Milk Bath Powder which contains skin-soothing ingredients like coconut milk, organic raw shea butter and coconut oil which make it great for soaking away dry skin.

I don’t really care about that right now though since I keep it on my desk and keep sniffing at the scent that smells a lot like vacation.