Rachel Weingarten

I’m Rachel Weingarten and style is my business. Well, that may be the oversimplified if somewhat nebulous version of what I do.

I’m a skillionaire. A polymath. A Jill of all trades. I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur*, hotshot consultant**, one of the new faces of philanthropy***, celebrity style maven**** and a marketing guru*****.

You can read a bit more about me below, or take a slightly deeper dive here.

My day job is as a communications & brand strategist & trends analyst. My side hustle includes my work as the author of three nonfiction books and a new mystery series. I’m a prolific freelance writer and contributor to top-tier outlets. Sometimes I develop products for cosmetics and consumer packaged goods companies.

I sometimes wear the title of professor as I lecture on the history of beauty culture, beauty advertising, and consumer trends on the graduate and undergraduate level. Back when we spent time together in crowds, I’d pack a room as a popular public speaker on topics related to business, style, beauty, and spirituality and the way they connect and intersect in our bustling lives. These days you can find me giving Zoom seminars and lectures.

I’m also incredibly proud to be the co-founder of a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit the RWR Network.

Here’s a pared-down way of finding the me you were looking for:

FMC Agency/Weingarten media: My communications and content agency formerly known as GTK Marketing Group.

By: Rachel Weingarten: The part of this site dedicated to my writing self. You can find information about my books as well.

Rachel’s Faves: I’ve combined my popular blogs and in one neat package and they’re all part of my updated blog section instead of standalone.

The RWR Network: Along with my sister Kiki, I co-founded a 501(C)(3) national nonprofit organization that works with vulnerable folks including caregivers and Holocaust survivors.

Rachel’s Newsletter: You can (and should!) subscribe for free to my frequently amusing and completely commitment-free newsletter here.

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** Washington Post
*** Crain’s New York Business
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