I’m Rachel Weingarten and style is my business. Well, that may be the oversimplified if somewhat nebulous version of what I do.

I’m a skillionaire. A polymath. A Jill of all trades. I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur*, hotshot consultant**, one of the new faces of philanthropy***, celebrity style maven**** and a marketing guru*****.

My day job is a marketing & brand strategist & trends analyst and copywriter. My side hustle includes my work as the author of three nonfiction books and a new mystery series. I’m also a freelance writer and contributor to top tier outlets. Sometimes I develop products for cosmetics and consumer packaged goods companies. Sometimes I wear the title of professor as I lecture on the history of beauty culture, beauty advertising and consumer trends on the graduate and undergraduate level. Sometimes I even pack a room as a popular public speaker on topics related to business, style, beauty and spirituality and the way they connect and intersect in our bustling lives.

Here’s the latest incarnation a pared-down way of finding the me you were looking for:

FMC Agency: Coming soon. My content and communications agency originally known as GTK Marketing Group

By Rachel Weingarten: The site dedicated to my writing self. You can find information about my books as well ByRachelWeingarten.com

Rachel’s Faves: I’ve combined my popular blogs BeautyCounterCulture.com and TheEvolvedFoodie.com in one neat package over at Rachelsfaves.com

The RWR Network: Along with my sister Kiki, I co-founded a 501(C)(3) national nonprofit organization that works with vulnerable folks including the recently bereaved and Holocaust survivors among others. More here RWRNetwork.org Or if you’re so inclined you can make a quickie completely tax-free donation here (via Paypal).

Fiatelle I probably shouldn’t share this one yet but I am beyond excited to be launching a new beauty and skincare line in spring 2020.

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** Washington Post
*** Crain’s New York Business
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*****PR Newswire