Rachel Weingarten really hates talking about herself in the third person, which is why she’s about to switch narratives:

I’m Rachel Weingarten and style is my business. Well, that may be the oversimplified if somewhat nebulous version of what I do.

I’m a skillionaire. A polymath. A Jill of all trades. I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur*, hotshot consultant**, one of the new faces of philanthropy***, celebrity style maven**** and a marketing guru*****. This site is a catchall where you can read a bit more about me and my professional self and find some of my other sites if you’re so inclined.

My day job is a marketing & brand strategist & trends analyst and copywriter. My side hustle includes my work as the author of three nonfiction books and a freelance writer and contributor to top tier outlets. Sometimes I develop products for cosmetics and consumer packaged goods companies. Sometimes I wear the title of professor as I lecture on the history of beauty culture, beauty advertising and consumer trends on the graduate and undergraduate level. Sometimes I even pack a room as I speak about topics related to business, style, beauty and spirituality and the way they connect and intersect in our bustling lives.

Want to know more about me? Here’s the quick and dirty bio. Or the really really long one.

I have a couple of other more specialized websites if you’re interested in more information on me and/or the ways we can potentially work together in the future.

RachelWeingarten.com: My online hub which will lead you to my other websites. (You’re here now)

Marketing Agency in the midst of a rebrand My day job is as a marketing strategist. Our rebrand will be launched in early summer 2019.

by: Rachel Weingarten: I’m also an award-winning lifestyle author and writer. I’m a longtime columnist at Parade.com, Communitytable and the Bowflex Insider and a contributor to Ladders. You can find my writing on CNN.com, Forbes.com, The Guardian, Esquire.com, Jezebel.com, thekitchn.com, Bravotv.com and so many other top tier outlets. Or you can cut to the chase and simply ReadSomethingBy.me

BeautyCounterCulture: I regularly write about, consult on issues relating to (including film, television and museums) and lecture about the history of beauty, the beauty industry and cosmetics products and marketing.

The Evolved Foodie: Launched in early 2018, The Evolved Foodie includes a sporadic newsletter and lovingly created site that includes original recipes and articles about my quest for a better, healthier way of life and eating and enjoying food.

You can also find me on IMDB and my Amazon author page. (And yes, I know that basically all my sites need to be updated!)

My websites and I are works in progress, so please be kind/patient as you scroll.

*CNN Money
** Washington Post
*** Crain’s New York Business
****ABC News
*****PR Newswire

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