Custom Content

Let’s face it, keeping up with the latest trends is exhausting – and expensive. By the time you’ve figured out what’s hot and what’s not, what was edgy and hip is now merely a blip….

And that’s where I come in. While you concentrate on doing what you do best- building a better publication, I’ll help augment the stylish bits.

From cutting-edge chic to the best and worst of Fashion Week. From beauty innovations to elaborate vacations, from pop culture elite to funky and offbeat, from classic interior design to cult obsession shrines. From foody faves to lesser-known restaurants still getting raves, from the cutting edge of tech to the second-rate dreck… I’ll help you to create customized lifestyle content that works for you.

With over a decade of content creation experience, I know what’s now, what works and what sells. For larger projects, I’ll assemble a team of award-winning writers, editors, copywriters, photographers, and stylists who are experts at what they do and have written for top web and print publications including, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, MSN, Yahoo, Glamour, Vogue, Women’s Health, USA Today, USA Weekend, Playboy, Better Homes & Gardens, The New York Times along with a host of custom content publications- maybe even yours!

Custom content development and enhancement services include:

  • Finding or creating the voice of your publication and creating guidelines for writers and editors
  • Writing timely, stylish lifestyle features, articles, and columns
  • Writing corporate stylebooks
  • Writing web-based copy, blogs, and social networking updates
  • Naming columns, special sections or offshoots
  • Analyzing your most popular features and create complimentary or spin-off column ideas & special lifestyle sections
  • TrendWatching/Trendspotting: We’ll study the runways, releases, launches, and events and cull the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, food, wine, and entertainment trends that best suit your demographic and their spending habits.
  • Event Attendance: We can be your eyes and ears or add-on staff at NYC events from trade conferences to launches and press events (We also have staff situated in L.A., Chicago, Miami, and London).
  • Creating advertorial and tie-in advertising sections highlighting your clients’ products and messaging
  • Inserts for sampling
  • Web-friendly exclusive content [including SEO if desired]
  • Editorial Calendar Enhancement/Development: We can work alone or in tandem with your staff to create upcoming lifestyle columns and/or special sections
  • Visuals: From highly customized photoshoots including sets, model selection, makeup artistry, and still life styling to assisting with sourcing and choosing stock art
  • Graphics, Branding & Design: Need to add some dazzle to your design? We’ll create the necessary branded imagery, taglines, and slogans to help elevate your idea.
  • Project Management: Have a great idea but can’t quite make the pieces come together? We’ll assemble a team or assign an individual project manager to handle all of the moveable bits for you