5 Faves: The Earth Day Edit

5 Faves: The Earth Day Edit

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In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need a date on the calendar to remind us to protect Mother Earth and all her precious resources. Since even the most sustainability-minded among us sometimes need reminders though, Earth Day is a great opportunity to share the commitment or highlight victories and challenges.

1. Tiny signs of hope from Glacier National Park:

Over a decade ago the Montana park posted signs warning that its signature glacier splendor would likely have disappeared by 2020. The signs were meant to reflect climate change predictions by the US Geological Survey, park spokeswoman Gina Kurzmen told CNN. Last year, the park started to replace those signs, but budgetary constraints meant that it’s taking a while to update all of them. Lest you think this means the glaciers are no longer melting, that’s not the case. The updated signs will say: “When they will completely disappear depends on how and when we act.”

Read more about why glaciers are crucial to the earth’s overall health or find ways you can help support the National Park Foundation.

2. Attend an event:

If you want to do more than just read about what everyone else is doing, you can take part in a virtual, socially distanced, or fully outdoor event. has full listings for global events taking place and you can find everything from faith-based events to clean-up programs.

3. Consider a move:

If you feel that your city or town isn’t doing enough to green your hometown, maybe it’s time to relocate. Lawnstarter compiled a list of 2021’s most sustainable cities. The report was compiled after comparing 200 of the largest cities in the U.S. across 24 key sustainability indicators including things like green commuters and community-supported agriculture. Spoiler alert, despite being home to Silicon Valley, San Francisco topped the list with an overall score of 61.55.

4. Craft then post your protest:


If you’re looking for a new project, DMC has some thinky or adorable free embroidery patterns that celebrate Mother Earth or urge others to take climate matters seriously. You can download some free Earth Day inspired embroidery patterns  and then post the finished products to your social streams to inform others of the need to respect the planet we call home.

5. On Earth Day and every day, support companies committed to an earth-friendly outlook:

Whether it’s through investments on the stock market, or your choice at the grocery store or virtual checkout, buying from a company committed to a greener outlook allows you to support a brand and mission.

When investing, look for terms like ESG (Environmental, Social and (corporate) Governance) or SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) which tells you that you’re investing in companies with a high score for environmental or social responsibility.

When shopping, look for brands who’ve made sustainability part of their mission. For instance, if you’re a fan of McCormick spices, you’ll love knowing their company was rated #6 on the 2021 Global 100 ranking of the world’s most sustainable companies. Also, look for companies listing sustainability as part of their mission.

These are a few earth-friendly companies worthy of your support:

Visit Fairtrade America to find more ethically produced brands.



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