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It’s Official: Blush is Back : Rachel Quoted in The Kit

I love this upbeat article by Katherine Lalancette in The Kit about why blush is back as we make our way back to life in a (soon to be) post-pandemic world.

And it’s not often (okay, this is the first time) that my needlepoints are the lead for an article, but this one starts with my latest handiwork. Also interesting, Lalancette didn’t tap my expertise as a beauty historian, but rather as a beauty expert and former makeup artist. It’s a fun read.

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the needlepoint in question, here’s my current work in progress. I often create my own patterns on canvas, including complicated miniature rugs that can take years to complete. When I buy pre-printed or painted canvases, it’s usually because the images or design pulled me in, but I usually put my own spin on things. In this case, the view in her glasses pulled me in and she reminded me of myself, especially during the pandemic. I changed a lot about the image including the swirling hair mentioned in the article. And yes, I’ll be adding blush when I’m done with the background.

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