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How Did Balletcore Permeate the Mainstream? Rachel Quoted in Teen Vogue

If you’ve always favored fluttery skirts and leg warmers, you may just have been ahead of your time. Balletcore, is having a moment. As I explained in Teen Vogue:

“Balletcore is a spin-off of trends that began with cottagecore and evolved to princesscore and beyond,” Weingarten explains. “During the pandemic, we fetishized athleisure wear as we stopped pretending to get dressed up for all our Zooms. While And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot, received incredibly mixed reviews, it did heavily tap into our nostalgia. It also reminded us of the iconic moment Sarah Jessica Parker had in her pink tutu. Balletcore feels almost like a security blanket in a way. We can hold onto the cute clothing we wore as [children] in a grown-up fashion.”